How These Marketing Campaigns Teach Us about Strategy, Creativity and Emotional Branding (5 Campaigns to Analyze)

Image: Marketing campaigns are the perfect way to reach your niche and leads. The right marketing campaign will appeal to your target audience and can result in a sale. Given the number of companies offering the same product you’re offering, how do you grab your prospective customer’s attention? We’re here to analyze the following five marketing campaigns. And how they can help you improve your marketing strategy, creativity levels, and emotional branding. All three elements are necessary if you want to captivate—and engage—your audience. Customers are easily taken by stu...
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A Marketer’s DIY Approach to Content Creation

People become more and more demanding every day to what they see and read on the Internet. It’s not even connected with the fact that users are becoming smarter. The amount of information is growing and its quality frequently leaves something to be desired. Therefore, if you want to stand out among your competitors, promote your website or social media, you must create high-quality content. In big corporations like EssayShark, devoted experts or even teams work on the creation of visual and textual content, and the marketer only has to analyze, compile plans and strategies, set tasks to the...
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Here’s How Social Media Could be Your Best Advertising Platform Yet

Social media
If you watch the news and read the paper, you’ll have heard all of the negative things about social media that the journalists can muster. It’s ruining our social techniques, it’s stopping us living our lives, it’s a pandemic that has us all obsessed…but the so often forget about the positive ways that it’s actually revolutionised the way we live. It’s easier than ever now to connect to the world around us, meaning for businesses it’s never been a better time to reach out to new clients. Social media is incredible when it comes to advertising companies – but not everyone seems to realise i...
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10 Incredible Adobe Photoshop Tips for Designers

10 Adobe Photoshop tips
90% of creative professionals use Photoshop. In this post, we will talk about very useful adobe Photoshop tips for designers. If you are not yet using this powerful editing tool, then start now. If you are still new when it comes to using Photoshop, or you are already a pro, these tips will help you get things done fast with Photoshop and in the best possible way. Let’s get started With Photoshop, learning is endless. There are new tricks and professional tools being uncovered every time which are meant to take your creativity a notch higher when using the tool. And being one of the ...
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How To Maximize ROI From Managed IT Support

  Information technology (IT) support is one of the most outsourced business services in the sector. As it’s also often called, managed IT services are among the best investments an organization can make to stay competitive and maximize resources. Without adequate IT support, entities might end up exposing their critical business information, often including data that have to do with their clients. Losing those to hackers and cybercriminals may result in costly settlement fees, loss of trust in your brand, and possible closure. Besides preventing significant losses, robust IT s...
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Creating Complex Clipping Paths in Adobe Photoshop – Advanced

Subtract front shape in Adobe Photoshop
Creating Complex Clipping Paths in Adobe Photoshop Compound paths In my previous tutorials I have shown how to draw a clipping path around the outside of an image to make a really accurate selection. This is fine until you get a more complex photograph in Adobe Photoshop and you want to cut holes out of the image too, this is when we want to create a Compound Path. This is a more advanced Adobe Photoshop tutorial and I have assumed some prior knowledge of using the Pen Tool and creating Paths in the Paths panel. You may want to read some of my previous posts to get up to speed with thes...
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8 Reasons to Use Adobe Mobile Apps for Content Creation

Adobe Mobile Apps
A decade ago, it was impossible to create high-quality content without using advanced desktop software. But everything has changed. Today, new Adobe mobile apps can easily substitute original desktop software. If you still doubt that it’s a good idea to use Adobe mobile apps for content creation, read this article. Here are eight reasons why Lightroom, Illustrator Draw, Spark Page, Spark Video, and other apps are essential for content marketers. Photo by Adrianna Calvo from Pexels Reason #1 – Do more on your mobile device Adobe mobile apps allow content marketers to cr...
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Why content marketers should learn Adobe Creative Cloud to succeed

Adobe creative cloud
Photo by Mikaela Shannon on Unsplash As a content marketer, you know how important it is to be versatile, innovative, and updated. The market is constantly growing, and the competition in every niche is getting stronger by the day. You need t up your game in every possible sense, and try being the one who gets all the attention and engagement. However, those efforts are most likely to be in vain, if you don’t put an accent on the visual aspect of your content. This is due to the fact we live in a visual world, and people are used to having tons of beautiful images serv...
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Whats new in Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 release

Photoshop CC 2019 whats new?
So you may have read my last two blog posts that were concentrating on the Adobe CC 2019 releases of Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator, well this week its the turn of Adobe Photoshop! As with the other software Ive had a really good look through all the new features that Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 has to offer. I have condensed it down to a shortlist of features that I think are the best and will make the biggest difference to your day to day use of Adobe Photoshop. Content-Aware Fill So those of you that have used the content aware tools in Adobe Photoshop have no doubt been impr...
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Whats new in Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 release

Last week I wrote about the InDesign CC 2019 updates that were released for us all to download on the 15th of October, this week I'm going to concentrate on Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 and the new features that have been made available. Again I've had a good look at all the updates and I'm going to concentrate on what I think are the most useful. Freeform Gradients About a month ago I shared a video that Adobe teased us with showing a new way to apply our gradients, currently we only have linear and radial gradients in Adobe Illustrator and if we want to create anything more complex we n...
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