How These Marketing Campaigns Teach Us about Strategy, Creativity and Emotional Branding (5 Campaigns to Analyze)

Image: Marketing campaigns are the perfect way to reach your niche and leads. The right marketing campaign will appeal to your target audience and can result in a sale. Given the number of companies offering the same product you’re offering, how do you grab your prospective customer’s attention? We’re here to analyze the following five marketing campaigns. And how they can help you improve your marketing strategy, creativity levels, and emotional branding. All three elements are necessary if you want to captivate—and engage—your audience. Customers are easily taken by stu...
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A Marketer’s DIY Approach to Content Creation

People become more and more demanding every day to what they see and read on the Internet. It’s not even connected with the fact that users are becoming smarter. The amount of information is growing and its quality frequently leaves something to be desired. Therefore, if you want to stand out among your competitors, promote your website or social media, you must create high-quality content. In big corporations like EssayShark, devoted experts or even teams work on the creation of visual and textual content, and the marketer only has to analyze, compile plans and strategies, set tasks to the...
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