5 ways to place images in to Adobe InDesign!

Placing in multiple images in to Adobe InDesign
5 Different ways to place images in to Adobe InDesign When placing images or any external content in to Adobe Indesign there are many different options, here we are going to go through the 5 most useful ways you can place images in to Adobe InDesign.   document.getElementById("thinkific-product-embed") || document.write('');50% OFF WITH CODE 'CSBLOG' 1) Placing one image at a time To place any image in to Adobe InDesign we first need to go to File>Place and find the image we want to import. We will then have a loaded cursor with a preview of the image on the end of ...
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How to create an animated GIFF in Adobe Photoshop

Animated giff in Adobe Photoshop
Tutorial: How to create an animated GIFF in Adobe Photoshop First of all we are going to create a new document in Adobe Photoshop, for this animated GIFF we are going to optimise it for Facebook so the size of the document is going to be 450 pixels by 450 pixels. You can adjust the size accordingly depending on where you will be publishing your animated GIFF. Next we are going to start adding the content to our animated GIFF, for this GIFF I am going to want to have this picture of a Parrot on every frame so in Adobe Photoshop im going to go File>Place and place the image in to crea...
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Tutorial: How to draw a stunning Vector iPhone in Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator Vector Iphone
How to draw a stunning vector iPhone in Adobe Illustrator   Select the rounded rectangle tool in the Adobe Illustrator toolbar, click once in the middle of your Adobe Illustrator Artboard, you should see the window above. Set the width as 97mm and the height as 185mm and the corner radius to 10mm For the rounded rectangle set the fill colour to black and the stroke to 2mm and choose the gradient swatch that goes from black to white, all panels can be found in Adobe Illustrator under Window>Swatches and Window>Colour Choose your ellipse tool from the Adobe Illustrato...
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