Getting To Grips With Photoshop Content-Aware Technology

Sheep eating grass on wooden floor
Photoshop CC. It really is the only photographic manipulation tool that you will ever need, and with each new update it just gets better and better. Most of our students that walk through our doors here at Creative Studios Derby want to know how to do one thing (or rather a couple of things) with Photoshop – remove unwanted images from images, and/or move objects within images to a different place within the same image. Indeed, this seems to be the most magical attribute of all of Photoshop’s abilities, and everyone wants to know how to do it. Now, this type of photo manipulation has alw...
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6 Tips For A Successful ERP Rollout

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Businesses worldwide have always relied on technology to help drive sales, improve communications, and innovate processes. Big or small companies would not be as successful today without the aid of technological advancements. With technology playing an integral role in a business's success, companies are now utilizing upgraded tools and software to increase productivity and improve employee performance. One such software is the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. By definition, ERP is software that manages and integrates main business processes, including sales, finance, marketing,...
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How To Use Adobe Stock With Creative Cloud Libraries

Using Adobe Stock
Artists, graphic designers, marketers and enthusiastic amateurs alike all need the same resources when firing up Adobe Creative Cloud to get started on their brand new creation – raw material. Whether we’re designing a new brochure in InDesign, creating an event poster in Illustrator, or summoning our inner genius to craft our very own masterpiece in Photoshop, we always need something to work with. Now of course, you, like many users of Creative Cloud, might like to create absolutely everything from scratch. You may like to only use your own photographs, your own sketches, your ow...
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How To Create A Fanzine With Adobe InDesign

Screenshot of blank paper
No more sticking text onto bits of paper and photocopying, there is now a much easier way of creating your very own Fanzine – all you need is a few basic skills in Adobe InDesign.   For those of you who are a bit hazy on what a Fanzine is, let me explain. Fanzines have been around for more than 100 years. They first took the form of science fiction publications in the late 1920s, and are essentially amateur magazines produced by fans. Indeed, Fanzines – or ‘Zines’, as they are also known – have become an exclusive form of magazine up until the present.   The most influent...
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