Adobe InDesign Training Course

InDesign Course

InDesign Training Course

Are you looking for an Adobe InDesign Training Course in Birmingham? Forget everything you know about paint or word. Using InDesign for your business has so many more benefits including appearing far more professional.

InDesign was created for the intention of producing better print quality, sharp text and the ability to easily convert your documents to beautiful pdf formats, as well as being able to make business cards and other documents.

It is both used for online publishing as well as offline. Text and images look phenomenal.

It is also possible to collaborate InDesign with other Adobe programmes such as Photoshop and Illustrator to really introduce your creative sparkle.

Inserting images, creating shapes and using colour is so easy and aids your creativity instead of consuming your time.

InDesign Course

Text is easy to move around the page and organise and an array of features help to create the specific look of the text you wish.

InDesign’s professional look is very impressive with it’s clear lines and beautiful designs the possibilities are endless.

There are various graphical, and productive documents to create in InDesign such as e-books, flyers/brochures, magazines, thank you cards, business cards, pricing guides, schedules, business plans, staff docs, checklists etc. The list goes on, and to put cherry on top of the cake, they are your completely unique and creative designs.

By taking up an InDesign course you can really stand out from the crowd and bring in more business.

When looking at Adobe programs it may all look very intimidating, however, the courses designed are easy to follow and  you will learn how to master the full power of this industry standard page layout programme very quickly.

Adobe InDesign Training Course in Leeds

In no time you will be creating stunning newsletters, brochures and posters. It doesn’t stop there though, after you have grasped the fundamentals we then move you on to learning all the fantastic interactive elements that you can add to your PDFs for online use. 

Our InDesign Courses are aimed at the absolute beginner, with small groups (maximum 5) you will get plenty of one to one time with the trainer to make sure you learn everything you need to know.

All of our InDesign Courses are held in Derby, just half a mile from Derby Train station which makes us easily accessible from Sheffield, Birmingham, Peterborough, leicester and London. We also have ample onsite parking for all delegates who attend our course.

We can also provide Onsite training at your offices in any of the Adobe suite software.

We have a one dayInDesign ‘Bootcamp course that will give you a jump start in creating layouts for posters & brochures. We also have a two day ‘InDesign training course that will cover the basics plus we go in to detail looking at the interactive elements that can be introduced to PDFs for screen based use.

We also have a one day InDesign interactive PDF training course for those of you who already have InDesign knowledge but would like to learn about the interactive side of creating PDFs.

All of our classes are in Derby only 40 minutes from Birmingham on the train and we have FREE onsite parking for all delegates.

Click on the links below to find out more information about all of our Adobe InDesign Courses and see the full outlines of what you will learn on each InDesign Course.