Adobe Illustrator Training Course

Illustrator Training Course

Illustrator Training Course Birmingham

Our Adobe Illustrator Course is held 5 minute walk from Birmingham New Street Train station in the heart of Birmingham City Centre. The two day Illustrator Course is designed for anybody to become efficient in the industry vector package.

Adobe Illustrator can be used for various projects. Whether it’s building a web page or creating a logo, Illustrator’s many features make it accessible to people of all experience with Adobe – so whether you’re an experienced Photoshopper, or have never used Adobe before in your life, this program does not discriminate.

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    If you are based in Birmingham and would like to visit us to attend one of our scheduled classroom based Adobe Illustrator we are in the heart of the city centre just 5 minutes walk from Birmingham New Street Station and only 10 minutes from the Birmingham Bullring!

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    Our Birmingham Adobe Training studio address is:
    Creative Studios
    3rd Floor Avebury House
    55 Newhall Street
    B3 3RB

    So, why should I use Illustrator, and do I need to be good at art to do so?

    Firstly, it’s great for personalised graphics for your business, whether that be logos, brochures, websites, business cards or what have you. The professional finish that you get with Illustrator can really make your image-based output stand out from the rest when using it to promote and market your business.

    Secondly, you certainly don’t have to go on a book spree and start learning the history of aboriginal art or the abstract expressionism movement to start getting great results from Illustrator. Nor do you have to take up a class in drawing (you can if you want, but it’s really not necessary). In fact, what Illustrator is brilliant at is perfecting your imperfections. For instance, try drawing a perfect circle free hand. Not so easy, right? In fact, it’s pretty much impossible. But when you draw a circle with Illustrator’s built-in shape drawing tool, it will come out perfect every time – as will your squares, stars, triangles, or any other shape that you can think of.
    Illustrator Training Course
    It’s important to know that Illustrator draws lines and shapes using mathematical equations known as vectors. This format induces clean, crisp lines (or paths, as more commonly known), and can be printed as big as you like without the pixilation or jagged lines of raster/pixel based images Lie you get when using Photoshop.
    new anchor points in adobe illustrator cc
    Furthermore, don’t let the word ‘Illustrator’ put you off. In fact, drawing – or illustrating – free hand is not necessary (so no, you really don’t have to be good at art to use Adobe Illustrator), as there are many simple tools that can be utilised in this vastly expansive program.


    All of our Illustrator training courses are held in Derby, just half a mile from Derby Train station which makes us easily accessible from Sheffield, Birmingham, Peterborough and London. We also have ample onsite parking for all delegates who attend our course.

    We have a two day Illustrator Introduction course that will give you a good grasp of all the tools Illustrator has to offer. We also have a one day CAD For Fashion and Textiles course which concentrates on producing garments and patterns for the fashion industry.

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