Top 10 Free Resources for PSD Downloads

Photoshopped Eye multi-colours
You may have caught our blog a few weeks ago where we listed some of the top free online resources for Adobe InDesign templates (and if you missed it you can check it out here – Top 5 FREE InDesign Template Resources). It went down so well with our readers that we’ve decided to produce a follow-up post, this time listing the top 5 resources for free PSD downloads that you can use for Adobe Photoshop design. It’s important that you source PSD files when working with Photoshop. PSD stands for Photoshop Document, and it means that the file will be a layered image file, and is the default forma...
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5 Signs it’s Time Your Business Invested in InDesign Training

InDesign display on screen – 5 Signs it’s Time Your Business Invested in InDesign Training
Businesses and SMEs in particular often run on tight margins. There are so many things that need to be paid for – marketing, office space, IT, staff, the list goes on – that turning a profit and making sure you’ve got enough money to pay yourself at the end of each month is no mean feat. Indeed, if it wasn’t for your entrepreneurial spirit, you wouldn’t be succeeding at all. But, an entrepreneur you are – and, as such, one of your key priorities is always to make savings wherever you can in your perpetual drive to improve your bottom line. It is with this in mind that you realise that...
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