How These Marketing Campaigns Teach Us about Strategy, Creativity and Emotional Branding (5 Campaigns to Analyze)

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Marketing campaigns are the perfect way to reach your niche and leads. The right marketing campaign will appeal to your target audience and can result in a sale. Given the number of companies offering the same product you’re offering, how do you grab your prospective customer’s attention?

We’re here to analyze the following five marketing campaigns. And how they can help you improve your marketing strategy, creativity levels, and emotional branding. All three elements are necessary if you want to captivate—and engage—your audience.

Customers are easily taken by stunning visuals such as a memorable logo design. Others tend to make decisions based on emotional rationale rather than logic. Make sure your marketing campaigns incorporate both aspects.

What is a Marketing Campaign?

A marketing campaign consists of a series of coordinated events that aim to either advertise, distribute or promote a product or service. Here you make use of different platforms, be it digital or mobile, to market your company’s product or service.

Launching a Product

Do you have a new product or service that needs marketing? A product launch is one of the most effective ways of making customers aware of your new service or product. 

Consumers love a new product that promises to meet—if not exceed—their expectations. Use a brand launch to highlight the new specs and features of the product or service in question. By providing a product that they think meets their needs, you may very well turn prospects into paying customers.

Branding Campaigns

Conducting a brand launch is enough to generate a lot of excitement among your intended niche. Here you use the opportunity to market multiple products or services that your consumers will find appealing.

But make sure you highlight:

What’s different about the product

How consumers can benefit from the new product or service

Address any questions or concerns your target market may have

Still on the subject of branding, have you been busy with rebranding your company over the last couple of months? It’s time to inform your customers of the new and improved brand including the upgraded features etc. 

Rebranding is normally done following a merger, new business direction or product offering. And with any change, you’re met with uncertainty and in some cases resistance. You don’t want your customers to panic and jump ship. 

You want customers to know that the company is now under new management. However, the emphasis is on reassuring customers that the new corporate culture still resonates with their beliefs. And that you’ll do everything you can to ensure your customers continue having a pleasant experience with the “new” company.

Seasonal Marketing Campaigns

Certain seasons call for an aggressive marketing approach to push sales compared to other months in the year. Common seasons that people tend to go overboard with their shopping include:

Christmas holidays

Easter holidays

Going back to school 

Take this opportunity to use all the necessary platforms to ensure your products or services reach the intended target audience. Consider both print and digital advertising platforms. Offer discounts on certain products if you can—anything to lure customers to engage your services or buy your products.

A sales promotion is very effective at increasing customer buy-in. After all, consumers always appreciate a bargain. The sales promotion coupled with an intensive advertising campaign will certainly help increase your brand awareness so you meet your revenue targets.

Brand Awareness

In this competitive business landscape, it’s important to conduct continuous brand awareness campaigns. Use different platforms to reach your prospective customers and defend your position in the market. Either that or the customer simply visits the company that offers the most convenient shopping experience.

Make use of omnichannel marketing strategies by presenting yourself on different platforms depending on your niche. Take advantage of social media platforms and mobile applications that your target audience frequents.

Have you noticed a dip in your company sales? Then it’s also time to embark on an intensive brand awareness campaign. The same campaign can also come in handy towards year end or if you want to meet your quarterly targets.

Company Turnaround

As mentioned earlier, customers tend to make purchasing decisions based on their emotions. A company scandal can negatively impact how your customers view your business.

In worse case scenarios, you’re likely to notice a decrease in sales. If this is the case, it’s time to regain your customer’s confidence by starting a turnaround campaign. Here you remind customers why they fell in love with your brand. Again, use the necessary platforms to set the record straight and appeal to your customers.

Declining customer satisfaction in your product also warrants a turnaround campaign. The emphasis here must be on an improved customer experience to retain your market share in a competitive environment.

Wrapping Up

You need to know which campaign is best for a specific situation, so remember to do research before you plan the campaign. And make sure your campaigns are inspired by creativity so that you create engaging content to captivate your customers’ attention.

Author Bio 

As digital content expert, Anna Knowles likes to spread her knowledge and love for the digital media. Her aim is to partner with small businesses and startups and help them grow their enterprise with dynamite content.7

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