5 Tips On Writing A Whitepaper

screwed up paper next to pad
Whitepapers have evolved past their original function as government issue documents and have proliferated in the world of business as a way of presenting marketing information. Similar in nature to an academic essay, a whitepaper selects evidence and constructs a logical argument in favour of the company or viewpoint they are promoting. So, why write a whitepaper? Due in no small part to its connotations with academic writing and government documents, a whitepaper can generate more credibility and trust than a regular piece of advertising. By avoiding the usual methods of soundbites, inf...
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How to Create a Professional Business Card in InDesign

finished product
InDesign is one of the best programs for creating a business card. Since your reading this article you are obviously curious about the program or just want to start learning the basics, this blog will show you shortcuts, helper tools, shapes and how to start using the pen tool, but if you want more then take up one of our courses here with Creative Studios hosted by the professionals. With InDesign you can personalise your Business’ brand. By utilising the colours your business already uses, a brand is developed. With InDesign it’s easy to create, export and print your cards. Here’...
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5 Reasons to Start Using InDesign for your Business

Adobe programs, InDesign in particular, are primarily designed for graphic designers, photographers and artists. However, taking up a course and utilising this wonderful program within your business yields many benefits, and you don’t even have to be an Adobe hotshot to do it. Want to stand out from the crowd? Then InDesign is right for you. Not only can you produce and make magazines, books, eBooks etc., you can also create great business cards and other super-slick promotional materials to supercharge your business presence, too. InDesign helps give that employee handbook you’re wor...
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Business Boost with InDesign: Why take up a Course?

Forget everything you know about paint or word. Using InDesign for your business has so many more benefits including appearing far more professional. I have put this article together to give you an idea of just how handy and creative this initiative program really is. Digital marketing is rife in the industry and by cultivating this, you can really open up a whole world of business opportunities, and the recognition you’re looking for. There are a lot of great free resources out there for creating graphics for your blog or business, and these can be a good avenue for beginners. But as...
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Creating a Professional Document in InDesign

The finished document
Searching through hundreds of websites to find a decent template to use for your document can be time consuming and stressful. Many different websites ask you to ‘sign up for this free template’ or ‘pay X amount of money each month’, its hard to know which ones to settle for. To combat this occasional battle, I will teach you how to create a simple, yet professional document in InDesign. These can be reports, certificates, workbooks etc. Using tools in InDesign provide the foundations of creating a sleek, easy to read, easy to print functionality with the flexibility to be transferred el...
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