How To Create a Professional Brochure Using InDesign (Part 1) – Design Principles

With all the viral delights of today’s digital world, it can be very easy – and erroneous – to forget the power of good old-fashioned brochure advertising, for which there is still a much honoured place in the marketer’s arsenal. Easy to read, and, if designed to a good standard, the printed brochure can in fact be a true catalyst for brand awareness. The real world has yet to be completely usurped by the ever-encroaching techy tendrils of the digital, and in truth it never will. There will always be a need for printed, physical media, no matter how overbearing the digital counter...
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Business Boost with InDesign: Why take up a Course?

Forget everything you know about paint or word. Using InDesign for your business has so many more benefits including appearing far more professional. I have put this article together to give you an idea of just how handy and creative this initiative program really is. Digital marketing is rife in the industry and by cultivating this, you can really open up a whole world of business opportunities, and the recognition you’re looking for. There are a lot of great free resources out there for creating graphics for your blog or business, and these can be a good avenue for beginners. But as...
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