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Adobe Illustrator for Beginners

Shapes in Illustrator
Welcome to the world of Illustrator, filled with paths, shapes and other words you probably haven’t heard of unless you’re an Adobe familiar. This blog demonstrates some of the basic tools in Illustrator for beginners. First glance at this program can be intimidating (as with most Adobe applications), however if you have already used other Adobe programs, you should be able to recognise a few things within the programs features such as the Tools Panel and Control Panel. If you are serious about using Illustrator for your artwork, I would hugely recommend investing in a graphics tablet...
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Creating a Professional Document in InDesign

The finished document
Searching through hundreds of websites to find a decent template to use for your document can be time consuming and stressful. Many different websites ask you to ‘sign up for this free template’ or ‘pay X amount of money each month’, its hard to know which ones to settle for. To combat this occasional battle, I will teach you how to create a simple, yet professional document in InDesign. These can be reports, certificates, workbooks etc. Using tools in InDesign provide the foundations of creating a sleek, easy to read, easy to print functionality with the flexibility to be transferred el...
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The Benefits Of Online Training

online adobe training courses
If you want to boost your skill set this year, an online course in Adobe InDesign could be a good idea. But why would you choose to learn on the internet rather than in a classroom environment? Here are some of the key benefits of choosing online training courses. Convenience Perhaps the most obvious benefit of elearning is the convenience factor. You can either join in with a live class on the internet or just download the file to learn in your own time. This means you can train up at your own pace and go over the material as much as you would like. Reduced costs Online co...
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