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3 Ways Learning InDesign Can Save You Money

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The software offerings from Adobe have always had a somewhat fearful reputation for being far too complicated for the average person to learn for themselves. However, whilst it’s certainly true that the likes of Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator are professional tools that have not been built to be ‘user-friendly’ as such, this shouldn’t mean that these programs should be the sole reserve of professional designers. Adobe Creative Cloud has made the pricing of Adobe software much more accessible. In the past, each program would set you back £100s, whereas now, a simple monthly fee is p...
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The Benefits Of Online Training

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If you want to boost your skill set this year, an online course in Adobe InDesign could be a good idea. But why would you choose to learn on the internet rather than in a classroom environment? Here are some of the key benefits of choosing online training courses. Convenience Perhaps the most obvious benefit of elearning is the convenience factor. You can either join in with a live class on the internet or just download the file to learn in your own time. This means you can train up at your own pace and go over the material as much as you would like. Reduced costs Online co...
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What Is Adobe Illustrator Used For?

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Booking an Adobe Illustrator online course is a great idea if you run your own business or if you just want to give yourself a skills boost this year. But what exactly is it and what can it be used for? In essence, Illustrator is simply a program that graphic designers and other artists use to create vector images – images that can be scaled up or down without experiencing a reduction in quality. Unlike images you may be used to working with, vectors aren’t made up of a grid of pixels. Instead, they’re made up of paths with all sorts of different angles and shapes between the start and ...
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