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5 Free Vector Resources for Illustrator: Part Two

vector background example
In part one of the free vector resources for Illustrator, we discussed Creative Commons licensing and gave you some of the best sources. Leading on from that post, here's 5 more resources that should help you to create stunning vectors, whatever the project. Illustrator is a powerful and highly useful program for creating vectors for use in a variety of business material, such as logos, illustrations, charts, graphs and more. These can be used in both print and web promotional material and are increasingly used to create art for the web by illustrator ‘artists’. For example, the image be...
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5 Free Vector Resources for Illustrator: Part One

vector spiral
As a designer, one of the most frustrating things can be trawling through search engine results trying to find some vector illustrations that are not only suitable for your current project or design, but are also great quality, and, of course, free to use. I’ve lost count of the times that I’ve finally found a vector image that I like – or that it contains an object within it that I could make use of – only to find out that it can’t be used commercially. var uri = '' + new String (Math.random()).substring (2, 11); document...
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