Why You Should Have Custom Invoice Books To Manage Your Business

Car repair invoice on the table.

Why You Should Have Custom Invoice Books To Manage Your Business


One of the most important aspects of managing a business is invoicing. But of course, you want to impress your clients with an organized, easy-to-read invoice. 


Unlike the traditional way of invoicing, creating invoices is easier today than before due to the accessibility of available resources. Numerous invoice templates are now available online. You can also use custom invoice books or print invoices using custom carbonless paper.


Custom invoices books are customized receipt books that have your business details in it. You can put the name of your business, contact number, email, and business logo. It also has a table with the product item quantity, amount, description, and other product details.


Acquiring custom invoice books is a must for every business. Here are some reasons why you should have custom invoice books for your business:


  1. It provides neat and coherent customized invoicing.


Unlike the carbonless custom invoice books, the traditional carbon paper invoice books oftentimes look messy. It also provides an unclear copy, most especially if the carbon paper is overused.


It’s a good thing that no-carbon paper custom invoices books have been developed to help businesses provide seamless and elegant customized invoicing. Besides, you don’t need to deal with carbon papers anymore.


  1. It supports faster transactions.


With custom invoice books, transactions are made faster because you can edit and print the document conveniently. You no longer need to put a carbon paper in between the client’s copy and your original copy.


More so, if you have high-volume orders, using custom invoice books will make the order processing and invoicing more precise. Your employees can print out multiple invoices with similar content quickly.


  1. It can boost your brand awareness.


If you’re engaged in online selling, you might also want to keep a record of all invoices and receipts of branded products for eCommerce. Having custom invoice books will set your business apart from those companies that are still using generic invoice or receipt books.


For branding purposes, a custom invoice book is like your professional business card. It best represents your business because your business details are in it along with the other necessary information.


Here are other ways how custom invoice books can increase your brand awareness:

  • Your customers can easily identify your brand or business because of the unique custom invoice they receive from you.
  • A great business logo design and invoice format leave a good impression on your new customers that can help promote repeat buying and customer loyalty.
  • You can indicate your website and social media URLs on the customized invoice to increase your chances of getting more leads and online exposure.


  1. It provides mobility and accessibility.


If you’re running a business in different locations or your employees are always in the field, writing receipts is a primary task. Using a custom receipt book allows you to write and give out a receipt for your customers on the spot. This way, you don’t have to worry about mailing them a printed copy once you get back to the office.


  1. You can choose the best layout and custom fields.


Having the same format as other businesses can be boring. By using a custom invoice book, you can easily customize the receipt’s layout according to your specific needs. Get the fields right and the best layout design, and make sure you have ample space for the necessary invoice details.


In your invoice, you need to write the following information:


  • Item description. Provide enough space for lengthy product descriptions.
  • Client number. Dedicate a space to add customers’ information.
  • Receipt or invoice number. Make the receipt number big, clear, and readable, most especially for the elderly.
  • Quantity of product purchased. Dedicate an area to write down the number of items purchased.
  • Services rendered. You can also assign a field to write down any services you have rendered.


  1. Record-keeping becomes more convenient.


Keeping meticulous records of all your transactions, products, and services are important in bookkeeping and running a business. With a custom receipt book, you can get carbon copies to store all your transactions easily. It also helps you monitor the products ordered and service information conveniently.


  1. You can write up cash payments quickly.


Custom invoice books allow you to write up cash payments easily. This feature is beneficial for companies that accept cash payments. Also, you can record debit or credit card information if necessary.




Indeed, having custom invoice books in managing your business is important in faster, more accessible, and seamless invoicing. You can customize the fields and layout according to your business’ specific needs.


Also, you can promote your business or brand using custom invoice books because your customers can easily distinguish the look of your unique receipt.


Start using custom invoice books and start gaining its promising benefits.