How To Tie In Your Content Marketing With Your Web Design

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All thanks to the many advancements brought about by modern technology, content marketing today has changed quite a lot. In fact, it continues to change. It has to keep up with recent trends, particularly pertaining to the online world, or digital marketing. So, it’s just but fitting to note that designing your website and your content marketing strategy go hand-in-hand.

Your web design, no matter how well-made, will still be ineffective, if the content isn’t great. On reverse, if your content marketing is good, but your web design is poor, your content suffers. This interconnection is brought about by the overlapping strategies in search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure top success at all times. To ensure this is done effectively, you’ll want to have a team dedicated solely to this process, with the aid of experts in your local area, one of the many being A1 SEO Glasgow.

This article gives you the best insights you need to learn so you can best tie in your content marketing with your web design.


Start By Setting Up Your Goals And Mission

Goal-setting is a very important point to begin with. You can’t just put in effort for your content marketing strategies without any personal goal as to why you’re doing so. Your goals are going to set the course for your strategy, the reason why you even bother coming up with your content marketing strategy. And, most importantly, it’s through goal setting that you can check whether or not your content marketing strategy and web design are unified towards achieving the same objectives.

Generally, goal-setting begins with setting your marketing mission statement. This should include:

  • Who your target audience is
  • What benefits they’ll receive
  • What are the types of content and web design elements you can use to reach them


Define Your Target Audience

As you now have your goal and mission statement, you can then proceed to defining your target audience. When you know who your target audience is, you can tailor your content marketing strategies, such that these are all geared toward reaching your target audience. More so, your web design can also be made such that it suits the fancy of your audience.

A great way to do this is through creating buyer personas. This means identifying what the people’s needs and interests are, and then planning the right content and format for that type.

Along with creating buyer personas, here are other tips on how you can define your target audience:

  • Understand what your products and services are, and to whom these usually cater.
  • Study your competition as doing so will give you insights on who they’re reaching out to, as well as who you have to reach out to.
  • Identify the specific demographics you have to target, or use the same demographics as what you’ve identified from your web design.
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Establish Your Specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

So, how do you know you’ve achieved the goals you’ve set for your business through the content marketing techniques and web design metrics you’ve used?  You can do so through setting your key performance indicators or KPIs.

These are the metrics that give you a means to measure when you’ve achieved your unified goals as to your web design and your content. Digging deeper into both, KPIs you’ve set also lead you toward the time frame you desire to achieve in terms of your traffic, SEO, revenue, and sales.

Typically, some of the most ideal KPIs you intend to achieve are:

  • Hitting a specific revenue target for a given period
  • Receiving a certain number of invitations to speak and participate in certain events
  • Receiving a certain number of new email subscribers for a specific period


Decide On The Type Of Content You Want To Produce

The type of content you’ll come up with also highly influences the web design strategies you’re going to implement. The web design has to be able to comply and meet the type of content you’ll regularly come up with. The danger with not tying these up together is that your web design layout might get distorted, depending on the layout you have. And, overall, this won’t even be attractive to your target audience at all.

Some of the different types of content include text, images, videos, and infographics. Typically, it’s recommended to alternate between the different types so to keep your audience from getting bored.



As you can see, content marketing matters a lot to web designers. Given the popularity of good-functioning websites today, it shouldn’t strike you as a surprise to note that the online industry is now a very crowded market. For you to stand out, good web design and good content marketing strategies are very important. These two should be tied in together simply because when taken as an entire whole, these two make up your brand. And, you can finally achieve that excellent standard of branding with the tips above.

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