Photoshop Healing Brush and Patch Tools

Adobe Photoshop has an array of magical tools, in my opinion though for the ease of use and the amazing results the Healing Brush and Patch Tools are the most impressive tools Adobe Photoshop has to offer. Using Adobe Photoshop’s Healing brush tool still amazes me how it does it, minor blemishes and imperfections just disappear before your eyes! 

Its difficult to explain how these tools work in Adobe Photoshop but essentially they help to correct problems and imperfections in images by merging them in to the original image and sampling the texture around the area. That probably doesn’t make much sense but it doesn’t really matter as Im going to show you how these Adobe Photoshop tools work and you are going to be very impressed, Im sure you will be straight over to Facebook editing your holiday pictures making yourself look perfect in no time!

Healing brush adobe photoshop

Using the Adobe Photoshop Healing Brush Tool

  • Select the Healing Brush tool in the tool bar
  • Select a suitable brush tip fronm the control bar, a soft round one works best
  • Press the Alt key and click once on the area you want to sample from
  • Paint over the area you want to change with short strokes

Adobe Photoshop Patch tool

Using the Adobe Photoshop Patch Tool

  • Select the Patch Tool from the Tool Bar
  • Select the patch you wish to repair, the patch tool works just like the lasso tool
  • Choose the ‘Source’ option in the Control Bar
  • Drag the selection over the area you want to repair
  • Release the mouse when you get the best match and the the Patch tool will repair and merge in the damaged area of the image

Adobe Photoshop Patch tool

Using the Adobe Photoshop Spot Healing Brush

  • Select the Spot Healing Brush
  • Select a soft round brush from the Control Bar
  • Create a new layer above the layer you want to modify
  • Select the Sample All Layers option from the Control Bar
  • Using short strokes drag over the area to heal

So you can see by using the above Adobe Photoshop tools you can really quickly and easily clean up any imperfections in you photos. Even as a complete Adobe Photoshop novice you can pick up these tools and have your Images looking pixel perfect in no time.

If you wanted to take this one step further I would really recommend looking at the ‘Content Aware’ features in Adobe Photoshop, these enable you to remove and move much larger proportions of your Adobe Photoshop images, I wrote a full blog post on Adobe Photoshop  Content Aware features you can find it here.

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