Removing Red Eye With Photoshop: How To

Anyone with a keen interest in photography is sure to want to know one thing – how to get rid of the irritating red eye that can crop up in images from time to time. And that’s where Leicester photoshop courses come in handy. Booking a place on such a course can really help you master your digital skills and help make your photos look as good as they can be. Here’s a quick guide to getting rid of red eye to tide you over until your course starts.

Step 1

Open your original photo and select the red eye tool. You’ll find this in your toolbar on the left hand side. Use the default settings at first and click the red part of the affected eye. You’ll find that this darkens the pupil but doesn’t affect the look of the rest of the eye.

Step 2

You may not be happy with the results using the default setting. If this is the case, use the slider on the red eye tool to change the size of the pupil. You can also darken or lighten the pupil colour yourself until you’re satisfied with how it looks.

Step 3

Save your image once you’re happy with it. Remember, however, that your Red Eye tool will only work with Lab or RGB colour images so always check to see what you’re working with and change it if necessary. You can do this by clicking on Image in the top toolbar, clicking on Mode and then changing the colour as you see fit.

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