Impact of a Logo to Create a Brand Image

Logo Creation in Photoshop

The Popularity of Logos

While the first-ever logo can be accredited to Bass Brewery with their red triangle in 1876, with time the printing industry developed newer methods of creating logos. Today almost every company and business out there uses a logo to create a distinct look and feel about them.  With speculations that there are over 190 million companies in the world, we can surely expect the total number of registered logos to be almost the same. 

Blue is by far the most common color used by the majority of them, followed by black and then red. You will also find high luxury brands using the gold color in their logos. This includes the likes of MGM Resorts International and Markel. On average small businesses are willing to spend $500 on a new logo.

Impact of Logos on Creating Brand Image

Logo Creation in Adobe Illustrator

1.      Deliver Lasting Impressions

One of the most significant benefits a logo can offer to promulgate the image of a business or a brand is to provide targeted audiences lasting impressions. We are not merely talking about a great first impression but creating a resounding impact that sticks with customers and prospects. It is a mix of colors, double entendre, and overall simplicity that can go a long way. However, there is no doubt that your logo needs to be attractive and appealing. This will help you to grab the attention of the masses. You want passersby, onlookers, and bystanders to feel inquisitive about your brand, desire to know more about your products and offerings. A logo can do this and deliver a power statement for your venture.

2.      Build Recognition

For any business to survive both in the long run and the short run, they need to build a respectable image for themselves in the market. A logo can help you achieve that as it allows users and possible future candidates to get familiarized with your amenities and services. Moreover, with a principle scalable logo that can be placed on various mediums allows your logo to become more visible for the audience. Hence people are able to reflect on that image that continuously pops on different panels. Logos can be placed on packing material, billboards, posters, office stationery, business cards, and whatnot. The more visible your logo becomes for the masses, the more recognition it begins to generate for your business.

3.      Offers You Professional Appeal

A logo adds to your professional appeal as well. This is due to the fact that many companies who operate as market leaders within their industry often have a recognizable logo which they use to represent themselves. Local and internationally based companies all use logos. Hence it is a viable part of their professional image and how they like to portray themselves to the general public. In fact, a company with a well-known logo has a much better chance to persuade an audience into buying their product or service than compared to a company that doesn’t have a professional logo of their own. Many companies also use their logos on their professional uniforms such as premium jackets, stationary and other apparel items.

4.      Improves Retention

Creating just one impression is not enough; your logo needs to deliver impressions on a continuous basis. With more impressions created for a particular set of people belonging from predefined demographics, your logo will eventually not just become recognizable but build a healthy perspective in the minds of customer and prospects. This will then enable your targeted audience to retain that information for more extended periods of time. Hence the next time they see your logo, they would instantly be able to recall your company and brand. With increased retention for your brand, the masses will decide to approach your business in a much more favorable manner than before.     

5.      Fosters Brand Loyalty

Now, this may take a lot of time, but the rewards are definitely worth the efforts. Foster loyalty and customers trust in your services is indeed a long-run objective and doesn’t come easily. However, loyalty brings in the dependability of customers on your products and services. Take for example a simple item such as toothpaste. When a customer decides to change to your brand of toothpaste, they start by judging your quality, the price of the product, and other features. However, once they feel good about your product and how it offers them a viable solution to oral hygiene, then that customer becomes totally loyal to you. Hence the next time they see your logo on any other healthcare product that customer will have complete faith in your offered item.

6.      Nurtures Your Brand Identity

Lastly, we can also proclaim that a logo helps to sustain your identity within the market. In fact, it helps you to differentiate and distinguish your brand and business from other competitors in the market. However, you need to make sure that your logo is distinct and unique. It should be original and doesn’t necessarily have to be similar to any other logo in the market. In fact, it should speak of your morals, values, and principles as a business entity. Plus it should be relatable to your products, services, and the industry in which you operate.


Logos are a fundamental part of your brand identity. The world’s most commonly recognized brands use logos to gain attention from the masses. These include logos of Apple, Adidas, Google, Coca Cola, Mercedes Benz, and Nike to name a few. Logos can represent and hold a lot of meaning behind their intricate design elements. They are very much a powerful symbol and provide you with details regarding a brand’s or a business’ culture, what they stand for, and their vision behind the venture.  Logos are able to resonate with their audience, which is why a lot of thought process should be invested before designing a logo for your organization.

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