How to crop an image in Adobe Illustrator

Crop tool Adobe Illustrator

It used to be that if you wanted to use pixel based images in your Adobe Illustrator files you had o create clipping masks to crop them down to certain sizes. This is still true if you want to crop them to a specific shape in Adobe Illustrator e.g a circle or a triangle but if you want to crop the image as a square or a rectangle and permanently delete the rest of the image and not just hide it you can use the new widget controls to edit and only have visible the part of the image you require on your Adobe Illustrator Art board.

To crop an image in Adobe Illustrator you firstly need to place it on to your artboard by going to File>Place.

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Then select the image with your main selection tool and then in your control bar you will see an option  for ‘Crop Image’

click crop image adobe illustrator

If you are attempting to crop a linked image an alert will pop up prompting you to embed the image after you have cropped it, this is the only way this tool will work, unless you embed the image you wont be able to crop it and disguard the unwanted part.

alert when cropping an image

Then you will see some active corners on the image that you can drag around to define how the image will be cropped you can drag these in and out and also move the image until the desired part is visible on your Adobe Illustrator Artboard.

Crop tool Adobe Illustrator

There are more cropping options in your Control bar, you can specify the resolution for the cropped image, the maximum you can specify is the resolution of the original image. This option to change the resolution is really only useful if you want to reduce the resolution, for example you are preparing some artwork for screen based use at 72PPi

Crop options adobe illustrator

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