Creative suite 6 software training – Has much changed?

If I learn the Creative Suite 5 will I have to start all over again with Creative Suite 6?

Adobe know that millions of industry professionals rely on their software on a day to day basis, they know there would be uproar if there was a radical change in the basic working of Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign. Imagine a design agency churning out hundreds of pieces of artwork every day or a newspaper hitting tight deadlines, the industries would slow right down if suddenly all the designers had to retrain to do their jobs!

Ive spent a lot of time looking as CS6 and believe me there are some really amazing new features, the interface looks different as its black but this can easily be switched back to the traditional grey if it worries you too much!

In Photoshop we still have layers in the same place, adjustments, filters etc everything you are used too, they have not reinvented the wheel when it comes to the day to day photoshop basics.

For this reason we are still training people in CS5.5, we have CS6 ready to go but there is still yet to be any call for it, it takes a while for upgrades to filter out to the majority. Just last week I spent 2 days training a company in CS4 basics as this was the software they were running, they will be upgrading to CS6 at the beginning of next year and Im confident that the two days basic training I delivered will still be more than relevant to them.

Any basic Adobe Creative suite software training will give you a great launch pad in to the software, we constantly have feedback from delegates who say the biggest thing they got from the course was confidence, confidence to continue exploring the software on their own after leaving us. Once CS6 lands in the hands of anyone who has attended one of our basic training courses they are rearing to go and very proactive in searching out the new features to find out how they can use them to their advantage and streamline their work flow.

Have a look at CS6 HERE

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