6 Ways Chatbots Benefit Digital Marketers

Chatbots are a game changer in marketing. In an era where automation has increasingly become the standard in doing business, brands that use chatbots to communicate with and reach out to their audience will have a better chance for success. Suppose you want to build a relationship with your consumers and take advantage of new business opportunities in the years to come. In that case, you have to make chatbot tools part of your marketing materials.

Chatbots 101

So what exactly are chatbots? A bot is a computer program designed to automate tasks. In the case of chatbots, they’re used for chatting with customers and generating leads. Most basic chatbots rely on fixed conversational or dialogue trees when interacting with users. Meanwhile, the most advanced types use artificial intelligence (AI) to answer complex inquiries and provide personalised responses.

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Chatbots And Marketing

There’s no denying that a well-designed website is essential for any business, along with a strong social media presence. But aside from fast load times and optimised conversion processes, an automated means of answering customer queries can earn you more points with your target market.

Here are the top ways that chatbots can benefit digital marketers:

1. Better Efficiencies In Marketing Processes

Chatbot technology has yet to be perfected. Many users complain about dead-end conversations, among other issues. For now, such problems are forgivable. After all, it’s crucial to remember that bots aren’t humans.

That said, the time will come when AI—and chatbots—will be involved in daily human activities. Until it does, bots can shine in the realm of business or marketing. By allowing automated exchanges between brands and customers, bots can save you time and effort in engaging customers. Imagine if your marketing team didn’t have to manually answer typical customer queries like product pricing, business location, or FAQs. You’d have more time to focus on your marketing strategies rather than answering customer concerns.

2. Seamless Buying Experience

If there’s anything that potential customers today want, it’s a streamlined buying transaction. E-commerce companies know how easy it is to lose a customer just because of complicated check-out processes. To ensure that your potential customer stays long enough on your site or social media platform, you must make the buying process a smooth and quick experience.

Chatbots can pop up on cue anywhere on your online pages to offer additional details about your products or services. This way, customers can immediately obtain more insights into what they’re purchasing. They don’t have to be directed to other pages and have their buying experience disrupted. Plus, you can use chatbots to offer special voucher codes to entice consumers to click the buy button.

3. Improved Customer Data Gathering

Chatbots can be programmed to provide your marketing team with relevant customer data. You can gain insight into anything from customer behaviour to the busiest time when people interact with your business pages. Armed with this data, you can create better marketing funnels and reach out to quality leads.

4. Minimise Or Eliminate Human Errors

Human marketing representatives are susceptible to stress and fatigue. These can make them prone to errors, if not mood changes, while dealing with potential and existing customers alike. As computer programs, bots are immune to any emotional or physical problems. You can expect them to interact with humans and answer queries with a consistent disposition. There’s practically zero chance that they’ll antagonise your customers.

Additionally, chatbots that use AI or machine learning technology can continually get better at answering questions. This removes human errors or mistakes that could only result in eroding customer trust in your brand.

5. Keep Customers In The Loop

Apart from answering customer queries, you can use chatbots to remind people about events or updates concerning your brand. Unlike emails that may go straight to the spam folder, chatbots can pop up on any of your pages or social media profiles to notify your target audience about what’s new in your company.

Even on your e-commerce page, you can use chatbots to remind customers if they have abandoned carts. Sometimes, a gentle nudge is all it takes for someone to become a paying customer for your brand.

6. Enhanced SEO Results

It may not be obvious, but chatbots can lend a helping hand to your SEO efforts. By using bots effectively and improving the overall customer experience on your site, you’ll boost the time spent by users on your landing pages. Plus, your bounce rates will decline, and you’ll get better page ratings and rankings.


Along with AI and machine learning, bots may become part of everyone’s daily routines in the future. For now, they can do an excellent job of improving digital marketing processes, and strategies. By providing a means for you and your target audience to connect 24/7, chatbots can elevate consumer experience and, ultimately, your bottom line.